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Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Lithosphere

18) Write brief notes on atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The global environment consists of atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere in which the life-sustaining resources of the earth are contained. The atmosphere , which is a mixture of various gases (mainly nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour) extending outward from the surface of the earth, evolved…

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Environment and Environmental Pollution

17) Give most suitable definitions of “environment” and “environmental pollution”. What is a pollutant as defined by the Government of India in its Environmental Protection Act (1986)? Earth is the only planet where other living beings have evolved because of the availability of all the ingredients such as air, water, food, energy, etc., which are…

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Holiday and Rolling Plan

16) What is Holiday and Rolling Plan? Holiday Plan Since the Third five-year Plan had gone away, the process of planning itself became discredited in the eyes of many people. As a result, there were demands from many different quarters to declare a Plan Holiday . Rolling Plan The new pattern of planning was laid…

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Planning by direction

15) What is the meaning of “planning by direction” ? The government may also influence the supply and / or demand of various commodities, and thus increase or decrease their production , consumption and price. The first of these methods (issue of orders, imposition of controls, etc.) is known as “ planning by direction” while…

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Rate of population growth

12) Define the “rate of population growth” The rate of population growth is given by the difference between the birth rate and death rate of a country. Read In Hindi जनसंख्या वृद्धि की दर किसी देश की जन्म दर और मृत्यु दर के अंतर से दी जाती है।

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Science, Engineering and Technology

11) Define Science, Engineering and Technology Science, engineering and technology are the most important factors for changing a traditional society into a modern and developed one. Engineering is the, I applied science and technology is the applied engineering. This clearly shows that social, economic and scientific factors for development are highly interrelated. Technology, arising from…

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The objectives of planning

10) Explain the objectives of planning The objectives of planning, however, are not the same for all countries, nor are they the same for any country at all times. What precisely arc the objectives of planning depend on the stage of economic development of the countryconcerned, the socio-economic conditions prevalent there at the time of…

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Planning and its characteristics

9) Define planning. What are its characteristics? Definition of planning given by Prof. Dickinson. According to him, “Economic planning is the making of ma) or economic decisions – what and how much is to be produced; how, when and where it is to be produced and to whom it is to be allocated – by the…

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